Anti-Harassment Policy

Theatre Insomnia is committed to providing a respectful workspace and support for any member of our team who may have witnessed or personally experienced toxic behaviours.

We will neither tolerate nor condone any behaviours which are hostile, offensive, malicious, or undermining in nature, nor promote an environment in which these behaviours may exist. Our goal is to provide support and assistance to all performers, designers, stage managers, and artists in any other capacity who work with us to promote a safe an harmonious work environment, by actively working to eradicate offensive behaviours as soon as they occur.


Steps to doing this include:

  • Stopping harassment before it starts, by educating all team members on what harassment looks like and what resources are available to them to combat it.

  • Ensuring all team members understand the definition of harassment, and all the forms it can manifest in.

  • Encouraging anyone who sees or experiences harassing behaviours to bring it up immediately, as well as ensuring they understand the resources available to them to do so.

  • Educating key production team members on conflict management, as well as how to handle various situations surrounding reports of harassment.


On the first day of rehearsals for any new project, a representative from Theatre Insomnia will speak to the entire team to educate them on this policy, as well as answer any questions any new team members may have.