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Allison Reid

is a daughter, girlfriend, best friend, artist, and libra. At 25, she’s achieved so much, having graduated with her BA in Digital Design, and landing a job at a notable advertising agency. In her small amount of allotted free-time, Allison enjoys painting, reading, listening to music, and spending time with her close friends and boyfriend, Devin.

Left & Right Brain

Left Brain is honored to be a part of Allison’s brain. Making lists, managing time, and organizing the insides of the fridge by colour and expiration date are among their favourite past-times. Although some would consider them a little too anal, Left Brain brings out dedication and structure to Allison’s life, helping to balance her creative impulses.


Right Brain is credited for the talent, inspiration, and positivity they provide every day for Allison. Their favourite past-times include reading, listening to music, and taking drunk bubble baths. Right Brain drives Allison’s creativity, passion, and child-like curiosity, all qualities that push her to create unique works of art at home and in the office.


Anxiety claims responsibility for all the accomplishments Allison has made. They believe that there is always room for improvement, and therefore is constantly stressed about the future. Their favourite pass-times includes making Allison nauseous, forgetting how to breathe during a panic attack, and cancelling plans with friends at the last minute. A stressful influence for Allison, Anxiety strives to push Allison up and break her limitations, no matter what the cost may be.  


Depression isn’t the most cheerful of influences, as they mostly enjoy dwelling on the past. Their favourite drinks include whisky and red wine. When it comes to down time, Depression enjoys listening to Simple Plan, Bright Eyes, and sometimes also the Weeknd. They also enjoy lying in bed while reading Anne Sexton poetry. Not a pleasant influence to be around, Depression enjoys pulling Allison down to a lower level of energy.