Concept art

Natasha Alissa Varchaver 

Theatre Insomnia is proud to be partnering with local independent artist Natasha Alissa Varchaver to create our original works for the show. We're pleased to share with a few pieces of concept art that Natasha created for us for her interview.

Kaleidoscopic Nightmare

From the Artist:


Kaleidoscopic Nightmare shows a physical representation of what anxiety may look like to some. In the artists personal experience, anxiety has often felt like a kaleidoscope of colour and light beaming in. Unable to make out a solid imagine, and to grasp an understanding and a clear relation to society, her day to day tasks, and everything going on in her mind, she feels weighed down. While Anxiety has many forms, at times it feels like "you against the world", like the world is beautiful, and nothing you do is enough. You don’t fit into the beauty that you see, and it is a constant battle against your mind and it’s perception of yourself and the outside world.

A Light in the Darkness

From the Artist:


A Light in the Darkness takes a look at the effects of depression. Depression can come in many forms, however it most often feels lonely. Although we may recognize a glimmer of light inside of ourselves, it can be challenging to bring it to the point of shedding light on the gloom and darkness that weighs in on us.