We at Theatre Insomnia stand firmly in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement - both in our community and world-wide - as we add our collective voice to the long overdue demand for social justice.


Theatre Insomnia was founded in 2017 as an ad hoc collective for a one-off project. As the company has grown, and with our plans for the future burning strong, we must step back and acknowledge that with our core team comprised of three white cisgender individuals, the privilege that we have and our lived experiences cannot begin to allow us to understand the hardships faced by artists and members of the BIPOC community on a daily basis. This has, at times, let us be ignorant to the systemic racism happening within our community and around the world. We recognize that we have failed our BIPOC friends and colleagues by not taking a firm stand against racism sooner, and we recognize that we have much to learn and much growth to do in order to become the strong allies we want and need to be.


As we worked to prepare this statement, we struggled immensely with what to say.  It has become abundantly clear that if we aren’t even certain how to acknowledge and speak about the blatant acts of racism and discrimination happening every day, we cannot do our part in actively working to prevent it. With this in mind, we have made the decision to postpone any new releases of our Artists at Home series and instead use this time to further educate ourselves on these injustices and how to do our part in working towards abolishing them. We must learn how we can be stronger allies to the BIPOC community and find the ways in which we can best offer our support. During this time, we will be using our social media platforms solely to share information pertaining to this, and we hope you will join us in learning. While we will never understand the challenges members of the BIPOC community face, we will continue to listen, learn, and stand with them to work towards a brighter future.


If you are in a position to do so, we encourage you to review this list compiled by Now Magazine outlining a number of Black organizations and fundraisers in Toronto that you can donate to: 


In solidarity,

The Theatre Insomnia Team