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Red Coat Collective

About the Red Coat Collective:


The Red Coat Collective is a new, Toronto-based theatre collective which aims to create moving work that challenges boundaries and stereotypes of this generation. The Red Coat Collective aims to do this by bringing important conversations to light and exposing injustice, while also providing opportunities of growth for emerging artists and artists who identify as a minority. 

With the inevitable similarities in our mandates, Theatre Insomnia is proud to support the Red Coat Collective in their inaugural work, debuting Summer 2019.


Upcoming Projects:

The Red Coat Collective is hard at work on their upcoming first project. After a successful first reading back in November, the Red Coat Collective team, lead by playwright Julian Lam, is hard at work revising the script and getting it ready to begin production. Opportunities to work with us on this project can be found here





Statement from Julian Lam, playwright:

Every moment in life is an opportunity to seize what we want. On the precipice of a butterfly effect, Ben encounters the moment that will change his life forever. “Do one thing a day that scares you.” A saying that has carried a mysterious importance in his life drives him to con- front Gale at a bus stop. That small action allows all of Ben’s dreams to come true, giving him the relationship and love he always wanted. We experience Ben and Gale’s relationship, the ups and the downs, the ins and the outs, the beautiful and the ugly, until we discover a terrible secret. We have only but dived into Ben’s subconscious, experiencing the story as a figment of his imagination. With the help of colourful cast of characters dreamed up by his own mind, Ben finally confronts the fears that have held him back his entire life.

First Reading, November 2018

Julian Lam, Playwright